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Media & Technologyby Brew Editors6:02 pmFeb 8, 20240

Brew on a Lunar New Year break

We’ll resume in the Year of the Dragon, which commences on February 10

Above: Good luck in the New Year, Baltimore! (Fern Shen)

We never quite managed to knock off for the winter holidays, so The Brew crew is giving it a go again in early February.

Call it a Lunar New Year Re-set.

Don’t want to be draggin’ in the Year of the Dragon, har har.

We’ll be back at it in short order, after a little respite in honor of the holiday, which falls this year on February 10.

BTW, if the red-and-gold “Good Luck” tree decoration in the photo looks familiar, we snapped it at Peter Chang’s Baltimore on Ashland Avenue, where some Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings or a Triple Mushroom Tofu Pot are a highly recommended way to kick-start Lunar 2024.

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